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VMS in Albuquerque New Mexico is your Merchant Services credit card processor, and your number one Credit card processor. Your business must be connected to the digital world in order to operate in the current business world. You need to have a merchant service provider taking care of your business credit card processing and help you in accepting credit cards. Processing electronic payments is seen as intimidating by many more established firms. Owners of firms should be aware that because technology is continuously evolving, they must constantly adapt to current business practices. Merchant services credit card processing is a vital part of your business in the digital world. This includes their electronic payment systems. Modern point of sale (POS) hardware and electronic payment processing are essential in this day and age, according to VMS New Mexico. To do this successfully, you must hire professionals. Unfortunately, accepting debit and credit cards comes with excessive fees for small enterprises. That bothers us at VMS New Mexico, and we are confident that we can help you save money. We have in-depth understanding of electronic payments and gadgets, which enables us to frequently reduce your processing expenses by 10% to 100%. Savings like that are transferred to your bottom line and can either help you get there or maintain your books in the black.

We provide you with the best current equipment available to accept credit cards, a free study of how our payment system services might benefit your company, knowledgeable support staff, and the most recent pricing models, such as interchange plus, cash discounting, surcharging, flat fee programs, among others. We are the best one-stop shop for electronic payment processing in New Mexico and the entire nation.

To meet your company exactly where it is, we are here. If you’re interested in our services, get in touch with us. We’ll conduct a free, no-risk analysis to see whether we’re a good fit for your company.

We service all of New Mexico including Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Alamos, Las Vegas, Los Lunas, Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Roswell, Gallup, Grants, Edgewood, Moriarty, Tucumcari, and also everywhere in the USA. We can help your business with your payment gateway, credit card payment, online payment, credit card processing, merchant services, merchant account, customers be able to pay online, business pay portal, secure payment, payment system, payment processing, payment solutions, payment services, credit card terminal, your business payment service provider, set up your business online credit card payment, your business online payment systems, your business credit card processing for companies, your business payment processor, new business accept credit cards payments, business virtual terminal, your business online payment gateway, help your business take payments online, help your business with credit card payment processing, help your business if is a gas station with credit card processing, no need to compare merchant account or merchant processor, help your business to accept credit cards over the phone, be a business that accepts mobile merchant services,  we help with making affordable credit card processing we are not the cheapest credit card processor only the best, but we do specialize in credit card processing for merchants and mobile CC processing, we help new businesses open a merchant account, with retail credit card processing, smart phone credit card processing, new credit card machine, credit card reader, finding your business the best merchant rates, debit card processor, b2b Credit Card Processing, credit card swiper, debit card machine, help your business if it only accepts credit cards by phone. We are your Merchant Payment Solutions for your Credit Card Terminal, Virtual Credit Card Processing, Online Card Payment, so that your business can have the best online payment system available.

Modern Technology

Modern Technologies

We provide top quality electronic payment products, credit card processing, merchant services, payment processors, and technologies to our customers along with Point Of Sale terminals.

Service and support

Service and Support

Offering local merchant services, personal sales, and support.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

We provide businesses with the complete one-stop solution. We are more than just payments. Take payments online,

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Our efficient, cost-effective services at the point of sale can help businesses save 10% to 30% or more!

Business Focus

Business Focus

Nationwide provider of all forms of electronic payment processing services for all types of businesses and industries.

Free Analysis

Free Analysis

Receive a free, no-obligation analysis based on your current merchant account statement.

Save 10% – 100% of your processing costs today!

VMS New Mexico can save the average business owner 10% – 100% of their current credit & debit card processing costs. We will provide a FREE NO OBLIGATION analysis based on your current merchant account statement. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with your local agent and find out how much you can save.

We Help Small Businesses Accept & Process


VMS New Mexico has a history of offering merchants and small enterprises competitively priced electronic payment services. Simple is our pledge. If we can’t lower your fees and rates, we’ll give you $500. All we require is a copy of your existing provider’s most recent processing statement. A free, no-obligation analysis that outlines how we may raise your bottom line will be provided by us. We have a team of local representatives spread across the country who offer individualized service and support, affordable and effective payment solutions, cutting-edge point-of-sale technology, dependable 24/7/365 technical support and customer service, next-day funding of batch settlements, fee discounts at the end of the month, free online account management tools, and much more.


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